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Second Suitor's "Born to Play" album cover

"Matt is one of the very few people we trust when it comes to the fine tuning of the music we create and distribute to the world. He always has our best interest at heart and knows exactly what we want when we send him any media."

-Second Suitor

Grown Ups' "Great Big Lies" album cover

“Matt’s ability to elevate a mix is exactly why we wanted him to master our mixes. He was very professional and timely, we will be bringing more work his way.”

-Grown Ups

Tom Jolu's "Solid Maybe" EP artwork

"With Matt we know we're getting custom work every time. No presets, no shortcuts - just the right amount of polish so that we feel confident the music will translate to our audience."

-Tom Jolu

Portrait of Michael Micha

“I’ve had Matt master several albums that have come through Abandoned Studios. Genres ranging from indie to punk and he’s knocked it out of the park every time!”

-Michael Micha
Owner/Engineer, Abandoned Studios